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Ah, to be rich enough to simply drive into your underground garage onto a lift and be carried right into the heart of your living room – or at least to be able to implement other creatively luxurious interior design ideas like this one.

A moving platform – finished with wood slats to match the surrounding floors – lifts up and down on a hydraulic system at the push of the button, almost like something out of a spy movie.

Takuya Tsuchida (Photos by Koichi Torimura) twisted arms and fought building codes for his client when seeking to install this unique horizontal, in-house garage door and elevator system. Much like the infamous patio Cardok car lift design, the imprint left behind after the lifting process in the otherwise rather ordinary living room space is noticeable but not too obtrusive.

Considering the work that went into this amazing automobile elevator, however, one has to wonder if the rest of the rectilinear plan and white interior decor could perhaps use a bit more excitement as well – though perhaps that would detract from the sports vehicle sitting right next to your couch and park alongside your kitchen space.