Technological advancements mean there is no longer a direct correlation between the size of an object and the function it can provide. The HUNT23 is out to prove precisely that with what could be defined as the world’s tiniest, coolest multipurpose flashlight.

The HUNT23 gives you the power to see your way through the dark, make basic repairs, and open cans and bottles wherever you might find yourself. The goal was to convert what could have been just another micro flashlight into something more valuable, which for the creators meant packing as much function into the tiny unit as possible. That makes it perfect for a coin purse on date night, or even your pocket on a backpacking trip. The built-in pry bar works as a screwdriver, box knife, can tab puller, bottle opener, and tool for scratching off that winning lottery ticket. And those are just a few of the HUNT23’s 14 total functions.

Of course, there are myriad multipurpose tools on the market, so you might be wondering what it is that makes this one so special. The answer is size. The HUNT23 is very small (tiny actually) and lightweight, making it easier to carry than most other multi-tools. With EDC (everyday carry) in mind, the team wanted to make sure the flashlight could be with you whenever you needed it. The design even eliminates the fear of losing your little companion with a nifty keychain clip for easy transport and retrieval. Alternatively, you can hook it on your sweatshirt or jacket zipper during your early morning run, or wear it as a necklace on a chain.

What exactly do we mean by tiny? The body is a mere 12.5 millimeters long, while the width is 11.5 millimeters. For a visual measurement, that’s about half the length of a regular house key. The multipurpose pry bar tip is just three millimeters wide — perfect when you need to remove the lid from a paint or hot cocoa can. Better yet, the HUNT23 is one multi-use tool that won’t get confiscated at the airport.

The flashlight is touted as one of the brightest lights compared to anything else its size currently on the market. In addition to boasting a bright white light, the HUNT23 has also been equipped with a UV light to illuminate things that might otherwise be hidden. The 100-lumen lightbulb can stream for up to 50,000 hours, powered by three common watch-type batteries that last around 60 hours each before they need replacing. That’s a lot of flashlight time.

While versatility, a compact design, and convenience are all important factors, the HUNT23 is also made from durable grade 5 titanium for long-lasting performance. The metal isn’t the only aspect of it’s durability, either, as it comes with a case that’s both water and fireproof. Put all that together, and it’s kind of indestructible.

Currently a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, the HUNT23 reached its $6,146 goal in its first six hours online. Today, pledges continue to roll in in support of the unique and versatile design. The campaign ends October 26th, with initial shipments expected to arrive in late November.