huggable chair 4

This chair will make you feel all warm and fuzzy – literally. The ‘Free Hug Sofa’ by Eun Kyoung Lee can embrace you like a living creature, feeling more like a companion than just a piece of furniture. Covered in soft faux fur, the comforting chair features an extra-long pair of arms that function almost like body pillows, enabling you to wrap them around yourself in a variety of ways for the ultimate in customizable lounging.

huggable couch 1

Created for the A’ Design Awards, the sofa can be used alone or grouped together for more cozy surface area. The designer got the idea after her sister gave birth to a baby, and she envisioned a piece of furniture that would have the same safe, loved feeling that a newborn experiences in his mother’s arms.

huggable chair 2

Lee’s first thought was of an oversized doll, but that felt too literal. She wanted to encapsulate a feeling of warmth, vitality and comfort in a piece of furniture without having to make it overly representational by giving it a face or fingers. Lee notes that it would be useful for working on a laptop, soothing a sore back, and especially for breastfeeding mothers.

huggable chair 3

“Because the sofa gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend, and a lover without feeling lonely,” says Lee. “Because they are flexible and free, users can wind the arms around themselves after they sit on the sofa. Because of that, the extension arms have the effect of providing stability to users to have a comfortable and relaxing time.”

“Fun and can give emotional satisfaction, and design furniture in the story.
However, not only selling products with functional and practical furniture, furniture with a story of its own with an Identity has the experience and stories, tries to suggest a story. Placed a point in the warmth and concentric.”