This monstrosity of a house in Malaysia by the TYL Design Group took a whopping five years to design and build, a stark and huge contrast to the relatively small scale of the surrounding residential neighborhood. The clients are, perhaps unsurprisingly, real estate moguls themselves who have shaped city skylines and have an eye for the extremes of urban building – making this a most suitable abode to express their influence and legacy.



From every angle this building stands out in some way. Seen from above, it dwarfs its surroundings in terms of size and the scale of each massive architectural gesture. From the sides, it towers above everything adjacent to and around it for blocks or more. Nonetheless, its commercial scale, shape and structural finishes make it seem like an appropriate civic building in the surrounding landscape to the passive observer – not an overdone mansion.



This is not just a house for a nuclear family, it is a ten-thousand-square-foot residence that contains three generations spread out between nine bedrooms, twenty-one bathrooms, multiple family and dining rooms as well as a ballroom, chapel, swimming pool and guest accommodations and parking.



The impressive architectural curves and spacious appearance translate fully from the exterior to the interior design of the spaces, as do the curvilinear forms and other distinctive features of the outer facade.High ceilings, sizable windows and a mixture of warm and cool tones undulate throughout the inside volumes.