Whether the influence was subconscious or the designer a closet Star Wars fan, it is hard not to see the iconic shape of a classic science fiction vehicle in this behemoth of a home.

Like the mobile fortress in the old movie, the front of the house slopes forward toward the street and gives it the illusion of motion. It is also built with ideas of defensible space in mind – intentionally made to look, feel and be well-protected from its surroundings.

Apollo Architects clearly focused a great deal of energy into the exterior, but the interior was not forgotten in the process. Stark, white-and-black surfaces with periodic wooden elements that highlight austere modern angles.

Despite its solid appearance, slot-shaped skylights and well-spaced windows let in light and provide views to the outside though the architectural emphasis is definitely on solids and not voids.

Think the comparison is a bit of a stretch? This would not be the first time that someone created a tribute to the Sandcrawler, indirectly or otherwise. Examples include other buildings but also art vehicles, such as this one that debuted (appropriately enough) at a desert arts festival (Burning Man).