cave house

Somewhat notorious since being put up for sale on eBay, this cave dwelling is unique in all kinds of amazing ways – not least of which for the fact that it currently contains a curious hybrid home with a natural stone roof, modern infill walls and assorted antique furniture and furnishings. But watch out: sand falls from above, so umbrellas are mandatory for kitchen and dining spaces.

cave house interior

Before its time as a hybrid-style home, this historic locale played host to famous 1980s rock singers (who performed on a still-extant underground stag) as well as a now-defunct 1950s roller rink. Today, it still sits on multiple acres of picturesque rural land and features fourteen waterfalls … as well as the 17,000 square feet of livable underground cave space.

cave home rooms

Geothermal energy provides power, heating and cooling during much of the year – making bills a fraction of a typical (much smaller) home. A living area sits in front, with bedrooms lofted above to also access natural light. A huge recreation area that requires fully artificial lighting is located in the back. In between are service-oriented spaces including storage and laundry rooms. Despite these clearly clever design choices, there is something enchanting and organic about the casual, nearly-haphazard way everything fits together inside this strange cave house.