diy recycled rubber chair

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Clean modern lines, wood and metal supports … one could almost imagine this being sold at your local contemporary furniture store for thousands of dollars. Except: that comfortable-looking lining threaded between the structural frame is an ordinary, everyday reused garden hose. Total cost? About twenty bucks.

diy wood metal rubber chair

A few pieces of plywood, threaded metal rods, washers and bolts are all that is needed to construct the supporting elements on the sides of the seat. The standard-sized rubber hose is then woven between holes punched in the ply.

diy cheap garden chair

By stretching the length of hose tightly across the frame, weight becomes evenly distributed along all lines of rubber that stretch to create the comfortable and flexible surface of the finished furniture object. Pivot joints at the front and back of the main seating element allow for various heights and angles and thus maximum comfort. Full details at Instructables.