Caution: do not consume. Like the infamously dosed Kool-Aid, this is one cool liquid refreshment that you do not want to drink – just add a ‘tea bag’ and carry the cups where you require illumination. This ingenious glow-in-the-dark liquid concoction will light up your glass, bounce off the ceiling above and dance on table surface around it.

Like a modern version of the Wonka candy factory, it might make your face go the bright green, red or yellow colors of those party-favor glowing bracelets, necklaces and light sticks.

This ‘Lighting Bag’ is conceived of as an alternative to eco-unfriendly tea lights for home and restaurant tables. The effect (much like a real candle flame) is much too dynamic to be caught in a still photograph – watch the video to get a better understanding of the ambient effects.

Ah, but there is always a catch with these kinds of things: even in adult-only settings (clubs, bars, etc…) – or perhaps even more-so in these since some people will be intoxicated – there is are rest of the young, curious and/or confused people who will attempt to imbibe this strange glowing substance. It is all fun and games until someone starts glowing neon green. Takashi Yamada came up with the initial idea, but the question remains: can it be made for mass consumption without a risk that the masses will attempt to physically consume it?