IKEA has been providing consumers with sweet Swedish swag since 1953. Known for their sparse and seemingly simple aesthetics that are branded as affordable and easy to assemble (usually with a lone Allen wrench), the mega-purveyor of furnishings and Swedish meatballs has stood the test of time as the go-to name in “budget” furnishings.

However, those of us who have ever put together a piece of IKEA furniture know that it can sometimes be frustrating and even downright annoying to not only decipher the instructions, but actually get the disassembled pieces to resemble the finished product.

Imagine an interactive tool that took a bit of the stress out of IKEA assemblage — a guide that offered much-needed information about pieces that were notoriously tough to put together. Sounds like a dream come true for IKEA stans everywhere, right?

While IKEA itself has a customer rating system that provides info on “Ease of Assembly,” it’s still a huge amount of data to sift through. Our friends at HouseholdQuotes.uk recently did the hard work for us and developed the definitive tool for ascertaining what pieces are the simplest and most difficult to assemble, in addition to the simplest alternatives and substitutes available. The Holy Grail of IKEA info, this handy guide is perfect for potential buyers looking to save themselves the agony that often accompanies the IKEA furniture assembly process — and the good news is, you don’t even need an Allen wrench to figure it out!

Some of the tool’s handiest features are lists of the top pieces that are both easy and difficult to assemble, all ranked on a scale where five is the top mark (i.e. the easiest pieces are given the five-star treatment). And believe it or not, there are plenty of pieces that rank up there. The lists are also sub-divided by category, saving you the trouble of finding your dream bed in a never-ending forest of unpronounceable Swedish words. You can also search or browse, which speeds up the process a bit if you’re in the heat of the shopping moment and need an answer fast. No more Hamlet-level angst deciding between sofas or deliberating over dining tables.

Is this tool the end-all solution for solving every IKEA headache? Of course not. Customer reviews tend to be subjective, and what person A finds impossible, person B thinks is a snap. It does, however, provide a helpful matrix that takes into account a wide range of reviews. The category breakdown is extremely helpful, and the ability to search by product takes a lot of the guesswork out of the whole process.

We’ve all been there: going from the smug sense of satisfaction inherent in almost every IKEA purchase to the absolute horror of seeing all of the pieces laid out on the living room floor. But thanks to this handy tool from HouseholdQuotes, you can finally skip past those furniture foibles and get to enjoying your new furniture.