If you stop and think about it, the extension of houseboat plans to encompass multi-unit housing construction was only a matter of time. Still, it seems fitting that the Netherlands would be the first to give more extensive water-based residences a try given their tumultuous nautical history and ever-rising tide lines.

While it is not yet a reality, planning is well underwater for this water-based mini-city – a private island enclave complete with central public space, green growing trees and (naturally) wonderful waterfront property all around.

Individual multi-level apartment units will enjoy a combination of outdoor waterside wrap-around patios, partially-enclosed decks and private indoor spaces.

Sustainable strategies include high-density construction (which, in turn, promotes community as well) and water-driven natural cooling. Though the idea is incredible, it remains to be seen whether or not this creative floating housing complex by WaterStudio will become the wave of the future and give rise to a whole new approach to residential construction in flood zones.

“First project in the area of ‘The New Water’ is the Citadel, the first floating apartment complex. With the design of the Citadel the level of ambition is set high. The building will consist of 60 luxury apartments with enough parking spaces and large terraces. The fluent shaped design of the Citadel clearly shows the endless possibilities of building on water.”

“The prognoses is that by 2050 approximately 70% of the world’s population will live in urbanized areas. Given the fact that about 90% of the world’s largest cities are situated on the waterfront, we have arrived to a situation where we are forced to rethink the way we live with water in the built environment. Considering the unpredictability of future developments and unanticipated needs, we should come up with flexible strategies – planning for change. Our vision is that large-scale floating projects in an urban environment provide a tangible solution to these problems that is both flexible as well as sustainable.”