House Cast in Liquid Stone 1

Perched on a rocky hillside in the highlands of Maharashtra, India is a house cast in liquid stone, conceived as an ‘outgrowth’ of the basalt upon which it stands. The ultramodern home projects out from the landscape as a solid geometric form made with a mixture of water, sand, cement and granular basalt stone in a calming matte black and gray.

House Cast in Liquid Stone 2

The home, by SPASM Design Architects, consists of a series of rectangles with several levels that allow different views of the stunning mountain surroundings and voids offering tranquil shaded shelter.

House Cast in Liquid Stone 3

While a bit imposing, the sense of solidity and strength is an intentional reflection of both the home’s relation to the site and to the architects’ intention of making it a safe place that can stand up to the climactic changes of the region, which include severe monsoons.

House Cast in Liquid Stone 4

House Cast in Liquid Stone 5

Reflecting pools multiply the sky, while the black and gray of the stone provides a quiet contrast against the bright green of adjacent foliage. Entering the home, one gets a sense of ‘burrowing’ into a refuge that is cave-like without feeling claustrophobic.