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Outdoor or indoor, gas or electric, the idea of a movable fireplace has become increasingly trendy in recent years – burning with beauty but without the screen, mantel, chimney or other tools and accessories that come with traditional wood-burning fireplaces (or resorting the cheap cliche of decorative faux fireplace designs).

Atria has come up with a number of custom portable fireplaces made to fit on the shelf or even to travel. One of the coolest such ideas is their fireplace ‘trunk’ which looks like a contemporary version of the classic traveling trunk, but opens to reveal a pair of mirror-backed gas burners.

A similar but smaller and more portable variant, these little travel fireplaces come in a variety of colors and can be set up – almost like extra-large candles – to create pockets of light and heat, like little functional furnishings also built to work as decor. This alternative also comes with a mobile stand finished in wood tones with reflective metal highlights.

Their other ventless pieces vary from metal-and-glass faux television sets with flames instead of flickering images, or wall-hanging black-and-still fire-works that look a little like framed art but function like wall sconces in a modern-day castle home.