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It’s the no-brewing-knowledge-needed craft beer home brewing appliance you’ve always dreamed of! At long last, the “right from the tank” brewing experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own kitchen, eliminating the need to travel miles to the nearest brewery. The HOPii Home Brewing System aims to bring simplicity to the brewing process by sterilizing itself, minimizing UV (ultraviolet radiation), regulating temperatures, and taking care of all the other boring stuff, so you can just sit back and enjoy the sweet taste of the finest beers around.

HOPii promises distinguished taste unlike any other home brewing system, delivering quality craftsmanship and excellence in its full-bodied flavors. Using an intuitive interface and built-in smart technology, HOPii boasts an oxygen-free, highly controlled, light-free fermentation system, which even features one-touch automatic sanitizing, meaning you’ll never have to take it apart for cleaning!

How Does HOPii Work?

HOPii Micro-Brewery home brewing process

Place all the ingredient pods into the device, lift your finger, and give the start button a good push — sound simple enough? That’s because it is! HOPii does the rest of the work for you, leaving you with a craft beer made to perfection, by perfection. Pour straight from the tap and enjoy! The HOPii kit includes a three-liter bottle of wort and an ingredient packet consisting of dry hops, flavorings, and a pack of yeast. HOPii uses the same ingredients as real breweries, ensuring a top-notch tasting experience.

The home brewing device creates a controlled environment using smart sensors and algorithms for consistent fermentation, making sure that the timing, temperature, and pressure are all perfectly aligned to produce nothing less than greatness. Partnering with local breweries and a world-class brewmaster to create the device, the company behind it strives to meet beer lovers’ high expectations, meaning the HOPii has been intensely researched and devised with not only genius function and unmatchable design in mind, but also with industry wisdom, from conception all the way up to production.

HOPii Micro-Brewery - Tap

HOPii is capable of producing all your favorites: IPAs, pale ales, stouts, etc. It even brews some beers you may not have tried before. To top it all off, the list of partners acquired by HOPii will only continue to grow as more time passes, so there will always be new and exciting varieties to try.

Whether you’re kicking back and relaxing after a long day at work, hosting a party for all your pals, or even having a summer get-together in your backyard (flipping burgers and soaking up the sun!), the HOPii micro-brewery is sure to bring life and soul into your evenings and some great flavor to your taste buds! Impress your loved ones while the HOPii whips up the magic.

How Long Does It Take to Brew?

HOPii Micro-Brewery

While it’s largely dependent on the beer, most of the varieties available for the HOPii take around seven days or less to brew. Because of HOPii’s completely closed system, your beer is guaranteed stay fresher for longer, meaning that as soon as one batch is finished, you can immediately store it and get to crafting some more!

How Can I Get My Hands on One?

HOPii Micro-Brewery

The sleek and luxurious HOPii appliance is currently making waves on Kickstarter, so now is the perfect time to get involved! If you have a passion for brewing, visit the HOPii page and help make the company’s dream a reality by June 2018!