hooded pillowcase

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As far as comfy lounging wardrobes go, it’s hard to beat a well-loved hoodie. The HoodiePillow is just like wearing just the hood of your favorite hoodie while you rest on a soft pillow and listen to music with your phone or MP3 player resting in the attached pocket.

hoodiepillow napping accessory

Working with the made-up but trademarked technology of Cocoonification, the HoodiePillow is actually a pillowcase made of sweatshirt material. It fits on a standard-size pillow, and the hood comes with two drawstrings to let you choose just how cocoonified you want to be. You can leave your face exposed for lounging or pull the hood tighter over your eyes for a quick nap.


Right next to the hood is a small pocket for your phone, and headphone portholes let the cord rest inside the case so it doesn’t tangle around your neck while you sleep. The heat on your head lulls you into a relaxed state of mind and helps you either drift off or just take a break from the world.

travel size hoodie pillow

While you can take your HoodiePillow with you when you travel, there’s a smaller neck pillow-sized HoodiePillow for plane and car rides. It’s inflatable, so when you’re done with it you can collapse it down to fit into your purse or luggage. The travel version doesn’t come with a pocket, however. The full size HoodiePillow’s regular price is $30 (US) and the travel size will run you $25 (US).