Searching for a fast, economical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sleeping solution for festival goers, the designers at Compaan and Labeur developed a vision for a sort of ‘honeycomb hotel’ consisting of stacked hexagonal units that can be set up quickly and easily virtually anywhere. The design was selected as one of 16 projects winning the CICI 2014 innovation scholarship, and got off the ground within a year of its conception.

The designers started by talking to festival lovers about what they wanted and needed in temporary shelter, and then created cardboard models followed by a full-scale, functional wooden structure they named the B-AND-BEE. Each ‘cell’ fits a king-sized bed with room for several people to sleep along with luggage storage, a locker, a light and a power supply.

“A festival, event, camp, work placement, off camping, partying with distant friends, … Wherever it happens to be you can now enjoy sleeping in comfort. And a delightful difference! The practical, sturdy and comfortable bed units from B-and-Bee make it a quick and simple task to conjure up some comfortable accommodation. For just a day or permanently? One bed or an entire ‘bee hotel’? There is always the perfect B-and-Bee to suit your needs. This 100% Belgian product can be installed anywhere and is really comfortable.”

“Using the handy B-and-Bees it’s simple to offer or add sleeping accommodation. You can buy one or a number of sleeping units to give all your guests an innovative, comfortable and bee-rilliant sleeping experience. A B-and-Bee is actually even part of the fun! We bet you that some guests will come purely for this unique sleeping experience!”

The bed folds up into a comfortable lounge seat to create floor space for guests and standing up to change clothes. Tent-like doors roll up and down to control the amount of light and privacy needed, and the sides of the stacked units function as benches. The first six stacked units were presented to the public at DOK Ghent during the Ghent Festivities 2014, and is expected to come to a larger audience at other festivals in the near future.