House S by Roger Christ

When a home simply needs more space, there are a number of novel solutions that can provide the required square footage. But few are as fantastically elegant as this one from German architects Christ Christ.

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House S by Roger Christ aerial

Known as House S, the home in Wiesbaden began its life as a small bungalow. A redesign saw a second story added, along with three rooftop gardens and an outdoor rooftop movie theater.

House S by Roger Christ roof
House S by Roger Christ closed up

The cantilevered roof sits between the first and second stories. On the first floor, the interior partitions were mostly removed to make the space into an open floor plan with interconnected living and kitchen areas. Children’s rooms and a bathroom are also located on this level.

House S by Roger Christ living room

Upstairs, the master bedroom occupies one of the boxy additions while a second living area and an office occupy the other boxes. A glass corridor joins the three parts of the upstairs addition and separates the distinct outdoor areas.

House S by Roger Christ fireplace
House S by Roger Christ modern kitchen

The lowest level of the home contains a separate apartment and a guest room. The architects used energy-efficient building materials to be sure that the newly renovated home was as energy-efficient as possible.

House S by Roger Christ night

Overall, the renovated home stays true to its origins as a project of interior architect Wilfried Hilger. But the additions and the changes have added a new layer of character to this charming and functional home.

“This specific construction assignment is a central topic of today’s urban development: the roof area as building site which can be covered with independent buildings – urban compression by utilization of roof areas as valuable building land. Thereby the architect is always confronted with the question of how to handle with the existing building in a contemporary sense. In the case of House S a 60´s bungalow, built by interior architect Wilfried Hilger for himself and his family.”

House S by Roger Christ interior
House S by Roger Christ view

“The new structure creates zones with different qualities: in the south-west a meadow with a small apple tree, in the north a stone paved courtyard with a pine tree and in the east a roof terrace with a magnolia. In one of the new boxes the master bedroom, dressing room and bath room is located. The two other boxes function as personal living room and home office for the landlords.”