marble and metal plant stand

The Sputnik-5, a Soviet satellite, was the first vehicle to take Earthly life into space and bring it back safely. Russian designer Maxim Scherbakov borrowed the name for a terrestrial vessel that holds some of Earth’s loveliest life: houseplants.

metal frame marble surface planter


Scherbakov, part of the design studio Plan-S23, designed this version of the Sputnik-5 as a plant stand in several sections. It begins with a white metal frame. With the addition of a wooden platform, a marble plant enclosure, a marble surface, and a small triangular metal topper, it becomes a graceful, angular object.

triangular sputnik plant stand

The assembled object looks like it could be from space. It is a pyramid almost entirely contained within a cube, with just the tip of the pyramid rising above the cube’s top. This small metal pyramid that fits into a square opening on the marble tabletop allows a plant to grow upward through its framework.

sputnik plant stand planter

Scherbakov’s design is meant to act as a beautiful but functional home object. When fully assembled, the Sputnik-5 acts as a table while the top pyramid protects the tender plant. The tabletop can be removed so that the central marble piece can act as a plant stand on its own, giving the piece an entirely new appearance.