apartment jewelry brooches

Affordable, stylish housing is hard enough to find, but housing that you can actually display everywhere you go is unheard of. Architects and designers Michael Ong and Sarah Crowley have created some truly lovely jewelry that lets you wear enviable housing everywhere you go.

perspex apartment cross section jewelry

Their set of apartment jewelry consists of 3D brooches that look like cross-sections of tiny apartments. The designers were influenced by their own homes – they both live in apartments and have included elements of their living spaces into the brooch designs. Crowley’s dog can even be seen in one of the pieces.

crowley and ong apartment jewelry

Going forward, the pair intends to incorporate different types of homes with interiors that match the exteriors: Victorian-style homes with Victorian accents and furniture, for example. For now, the brooches can be purchased directly from Crowley, but they will be sold in Australian retail stores in the near future.