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With all the trappings of a traditional beach shelter, this shade structure is a way of creating cozy space within open floor plans – and a sense of outdoor relaxation in indoor areas.

Maurizio Prina is an Italian industrial designer who created Pause using a southern European visual language of temporary structures, vibrant colors and minimalist decor.

It is intentionally work-unfriendly – a place of softness for sitting (or more likely) laying down, where leisure becomes the only possible type of activity. Side flaps can be adjusted to let in light or create other points of access.

“These days cosiness is a very rare luxury, so I’ve thought about a space where anybody can relax, read, rest and even have guests. Where anybody can feel at home. An “home inside a home”. This hut is composed by modules made with colored cloth, built over an iron structure.You can change the colors and combine them. This name is a declaration of intents and it has a meaning in different languages: pause.”