round house design

There are good reasons for constructing homes with right angles – making this curiously cylindrical eccentric exception fit about as well in its context as a round peg in a square hole. Fortunately, that was just what the owners wanted.

round house plan

Inspired by theater-in-the-round designs (complete with a cute black-box attachment), this house makes the experience of dwelling much like living in the kind of full-time performance space after which it was modeled.

round home living theater

This place pulls out all the stops: while there are a few flat surfaces for doors and niches with necessarily-rectilinear accessories, virtually the entire interior is as round as the exterior. Further, much of the interior is wide open and allows views across, up and down the central cylindrical space.

round home interior

Building materials and construction techniques are part of the story, but even once a residence is built there are furniture objects, wall fixtures and all kinds of other design elements that make rounded homes like this one by Ryoko and Keisuke Masuda a radical challenge inside and out.