Boxetti space-saving room in a box

It is one thing to design a space-saving idea for a single room, or a piece of multi-purpose transforming furniture … but this collection is on another scale entirely. From all-in-one living, kitchen and work spaces to convertible couches and expanding entertainment centers, Boxetti has raised the bar on (or: opened a box of) modern modular interior designs.

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Boxetti space-saving room in a box furniture

In fact, it is too much for one article – so consider this an introduction to what may be the coolest contemporary attempt to create all-in-one furniture for virtually every room of a home. The concept itself is fairly simple: using a consistent visual language of shapes, colors and functions, each piece in the system is a stand-alone, self-contained object but also part of a larger aesthetic whole.

Boxetti space-saving room in a box futuristic

Designer Rolands Landsbergs is the Latvian mastermind behind this series of ingenious designs. He has a background in showroom and exhibition work, which has clearly translated into his furniture and interior ideas. Following basic principles of “functionality, advanced technology and [modern] minimalism,” each modular ‘box’ can be transformed at the push of a button but is also constructed out of high-quality materials to remain rigid and durable during conversions and use.

Boxetti space-saving room in a box designs

In a further display of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, even the Boxetti website is designed around the aesthetics of the furniture itself – another reflection of the careful and thorough considerations that went into each phase of the design. Ingenious.

About Boxetti

“BOXETTI is one of the newest popular and innovative modern furniture brands founded in 2008 in Milano, Italy by two designers – Roland Landsberg and Tano Marciello. Each of our collections is multi-functional and creative. Every single detail is well thought out and done with the finest components. Revolutionary solutions and innovative technologies are created for an exceptional experience and allow us to create a unique furniture design for You.”