fab tree house

Imagine: growing instead of building your own home and cultivating its organic and evolving structure, at one with the environment around it. Looking and sounding like something out of a science fiction novel, this quite literal “tree house” concept involves 100% natural materials, futuristic forms and incredible eco-innovations.

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Designed as a kind of micro-ecosystem, this unique FAB HAB Tree House is constructed around a lattice of trees covered by growing vines and eventually other plants both edible and decorative. Though these elements form the structure and cladding of these elements are only superficial compared to the complex natural processes involved in the design (illustrated in brief in the image below).

fab tree house growth

This concept blends affordability and sustainability, as the construction materials are essentially free (after a certain point anyway) and the entire system is designed not only to go back to nature if ever abandoned but also to work with natural systems while it is inhabited, including passive heating, cooling and water filtration.

“Our dwelling is composed with 100% living nutrients.  Here traditional anthropocentric doctrines are overturned and human life is subsumed within the terrestrial environs. Home, in this sense, becomes indistinct and fits itself symbiotically into the surrounding ecosystem.”

fab tree house made of living branches

“This home concept is intended to replace the outdated design solutions at Habitat for Humanity.  We propose a method to grow homes from native trees. A living structure is grafted into shape with prefabricated Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) reusable scaffolds.  Therefore, we enable dwellings to be fully integrated into an ecological community. We propose a method to grow homes from native trees.”