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Fans and critics alike have found IKEA a rich source of potential parody, from its offbeat furniture-naming system to the strangely stylized instruction manuals that come with each unit. Here are some of the most strange, hilarious and downright disturbing works of art and designed inspired by its objects, ideals and graphics (note: these do not represent real IKEA home products!).

If carries just about everything else, so why not a few sticks of dynamite in case your construction project requires some demolition first? These pictures make it look a wee bit easier than it is in real life – do not try this at home, kids.

Speaking of children, if you are looking to start having babies IKEA is a great place to go for toys and furniture for tots … as well as real-life little people if this advertisement, manual cover and instruction set were to be believed. There are also some options for skipping the normal assembly process altogether if you get frustrated and find you would prefer to buy your cabinets, bookcases, lamps and chairs in ready-made, fully-prefabricated formats:

Sure, you may game for delivery in some cases, but even a cat can have some assembly required apparently.

But at the end of the day, do not give out how – there are better ways out that constructing your own IKEA guillotine or coffin, and finding yourself resting six feet under a deadly home DIY project.