motoart g2 wing bar silver

Tables, beds, chairs and desks are ordinarily made of metal, glass and plastic – but this recycled home furniture collection takes those modern materials to an entirely new level level of fun and function. Ever wanted to walk out on the wing of an airplane, explore the fuselage or sit in the seat of the pilot? Well, with MotoArt, you might get a chance.

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motoart fuselage seats
motoarts 747 jetliner bed

You know that if it can withstand the wind pressure, weather, altitude and speed of soaring the friendly skies you will surely be safe sleeping in the half-round airplane fuselage piece that comprises the headboard of this bed. You can even see inside the metal shell via plexiglass panels attached along the sectional cuts in the steel.

motoart rudder airplane desk
motoart b52 chair

The seat of control, the throne of the modern flying machine, and now it can be your very own recycled modern metal desk chair – and on rollers no less to allow you to pilot yourself around the office. Though the odds and ends attached might not make for the most comfortable armrests at least you know the cushions will be comfy.

motoart gii wing bar

This is the fun G2 Wing Bar: “Book a flight for straight-up fun and fly high on the wings of MotoArt’s new super stylish, extremely distinct, undeniably cool G2 Wing Bar. Fashioned from the tail fins of the prestigious Gulfstream 2, this handcrafted custom-made bar is literally a shining example of how amazing and hip airplane furniture can be. After hundreds of hours in the MotoArt shop, the G2 Wing Bar is a glimmering aesthetic masterpiece.  With a marquee face made of industrial aluminum grating, backed by a perforated aluminum & white plexiglass lens, the façade of the bar is funky, sexy and altogether appealing. If that weren’t enough, designers Donovan Fell and Dave Hall also incorporated a multi programmable LED system that brings it all to another level.”

Here’s the F-4 Phantom Desk: “

motoart f4 phantom desk
motoart phantom desk detial

Inspired by the clean lines of contemporary, utilitarian design and modern architecture, this desk not only creates a grounded professional atmosphere but inspires those to soar in accord. A high-mirror polished landing gear door supports a clear, tempered glass top allowing the F-4 bomber enthusiast a place to work under a slice of 35k lbs of thrust. A Limited Edition of 18, the ‘F-4 Phantom Landing Gear Door desk’ is a highly sought after piece with fierce aesthetic value and ideal for the fighter jet enthusiast in you.”

Check out lots more at the MotoArt website.