hidden fold down bed design

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People seem to have an aversion to the idea of a hidden fold-out wall bed, perhaps dating back to the infamous classic: the built-in Murphy Bed. These days, however, there are amazing high-tech beds designed by companies like BonBon around bedroom design ideas of high style and ideals of space-saving multifunctionality. Some of the best of these hideaway beds are like secret rooms that blend invisibly into an interior design scheme and others add as much space as they displace.

hidden wall bed shelving units

One of the most clever fold-out bed innovation is increased storage integration – from beds hidden behind shelves that rotate out of the way to ones that fold down with the shelves still in place by below the extended bed, such as those in the pictures above. The images do not even do the designs justice, as the seams are nearly invisible even upon close inspection.

hidden single wall bed design

While some are large, clever and complex some of the coolest fold-out hideaway beds are kept very simple in structure and style. There are, for example, great single-bed solutions that fold down in a single motion from what otherwise looks to be a storage cabinet or shelving unit – a great solution for a cool kids bedroom design.