hole geometrics

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It looks like some kind of space/time disaster has struck this otherwise modest and minimalist house, pierced wildly with strangely-shaped voids that connect interior spaces and provide exterior illumination.

hole punched kitchen

hole spiral

hole exterior cube

In fact, from the outside this home by Yuusuke Karasawa  is all the more ordinary at first – a basic cube on all sides, surrounded with wood siding. At least it seems typical until you start to notice the slanted windows that draw your eye inside.

hole interior void

hole bedroom

hole entry stairs

Between rooms, strange geometries and surprising framed views are formed both between rooms and toward the surrounding landscape. There are essentially infinite new ways to look at the home thanks to these curious visual interventions.

hole bathroom exception

hole dynamic experience

To let this effect play out in full force, most of the home is as minimal as possible in terms of shapes, materials and details. Simple wood floors give rise to white walls and ceilings, doors and stairs, all playing the role of backdrop to the otherworldly interplay of solid and void.