Dreaming of building your own tiny house? You’d want it to reflect something idiosyncratic about you, something that connects with the soul – such as a facade made entirely of salvaged windows!



An adventurous couple built this glass house in the bucolic hills of West Virginia, after quitting their jobs and devoting themselves completely to the project, road tripping and salvaging windows from barns, yard sales and antique shops. Their idea was to catch the sunset in a way that wouldn’t confine it to just one area. The tiny house built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz sits in the very spot where they went on a first date and came up with the idea. All it took was $500 and a few months to complete.



The vast windowpanes bring plenty of natural light into an interior that is just as eclectic with vintage furniture and recycled wood from an old barn nearby. They built the whole thing themselves. Olson’s carpentry skills came in handy, as did Lilah’s skills as a designer. Her mission statement on her website reads: “Lilah Horwitz makes one of a kind clothing – vessels – and homes. Created with the hope to live in a world where value is gauged by evidence of the human hand.”


Plumbing? Heating? Drafts? Voyeurs? Who cares. Is it practical? Probably not. But certainly inspirational. Looking at this house just continues to feed our own escapist fantasies of living off the grid in a tiny dream home somewhere far from the rat race. Alas, we can’t all quit our jobs and move to the country.