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Tea drinking is a nearly-timeless tradition that spans the globe, particularly popular during these cold months of the year when we like to huddle around the table with a warm beverage. But the question of the tea bag still begs for integrated design ideas.

The Tie Tea cup (read it aloud to get the double meaning) has two small notches in the site around which one can wrap the string associated with most standard tea bags. No more worrying about having to reach in and retrieve a lost string and holding tag, thanks to this simple tooth-like solution.

Jonas Trampedach proposes a final resting place for your finished tea bag – a coffin, of sorts, in which to put it out of the way and out of sight. A secret bag-shaped impression in the ceramic saucer below your cup lets you hide this unwanted element when its usefulness is at an end.

Why present them in tandem? Well, they both address similar issues of usability but … think about it: there is no reason not to combine these two designs into one, either. A Tie Tea Cup and a Tea Bag Coffin Saucer would work great together for during and after a tea-drinking season. For fun, here are two more tea-bag-oriented cup designs.