In the beautifully historic area of Massarelos in Porto, Portugal, EZZO Architects were brought in to create a 21st century home that would not clash with its 19th century surroundings.

Their solution: a sort of historic enclosure for an updated, modern home. The home is enveloped in a facade that visually and practically connects the interior and exterior. Bordered on buildings to the north and south, the architects left the historic outer walls intact on the east and west sides, then built a new concrete volume within these existing borders.

The home’s three levels are connected by central stairs that run the height of the building.

A second staircase connects the living areas to the green roof, allowing for a spectacular view out over the surrounding neighborhood.

The home is all about connections: one space flowing into another, exterior connecting with interior, historic meshing with modern. A visual connection between the home’s residents and their neighborhood is afforded by the glass facade.

Residing in an historic area with a great deal of character, this home brings its own sense of identity while allowing the history of the neighborhood to remain intact.