On the historic Greek Tinos Island, a traditional stone stable was transformed into a stunning holiday home. Architect Ioannis Exarchou addressed the project by retaining the original structure and plastering the interior walls. With a new colored concrete floor and the addition of some basic home elements, the former stable gained a glorious new life.

The home’s dark stone exterior melts into its surroundings and gives it the outward appearance of a cave. The architect’s goal was to preserve this rough, natural look while providing two residents with a comfortable summer home – all at a minimal cost. To this end, the home is austere but cozy, allowing for the leisurely enjoyment of the breathtaking surroundings.

The home consists of two oblong spaces which enclose the third to create the courtyard. In every space you will find local, natural materials. The architect’s goal was to retain the building’s historic, low-tech, eco-friendly profile. Although the home does feature electric lighting and a small indoor bathroom, a wood-burning stove is about as high-tech as this home’s elements get.

The home’s entrance just beyond the courtyard is a welcoming little chamber with wooden storage cupboards and built-in hooks for hanging coats and bags. The entryway quickly transitions into stairs which lead down to the combined living and sleeping area.

The bedroom/living room is outfitted with a large mattress and topped by fat tree branches set into the home’s plaster ceiling. A small window at the foot of the bed gives a charming view of the exterior courtyard.

Again using concrete as the building material, the architect sculpted a long countertop containing a sink for food preparation. Modern light wood is used for more storage beneath the countertop. Along the opposite wall, a long wooden table and low seats make up the home’s dining area. In all, the Tinos vacation home would be far too small and primitive for those accustomed to staying in posh resorts, but it seems like the absolute perfect place to enjoy one of Earth’s most beautiful and history-rich islands.