Cupiditas Table 1

Multipurpose furniture doesn’t always have to be highly practical, incorporating various important functions into one piece to save space. Sometimes, it’s fun to add extra features just because they look cool. The Cupiditas Table by Amarist is one example, adding color-changing LED lights controlled by smart phone to create an “object of desire.”

Cupiditas Table 2

Part table, part lamp, part contemporary sculpture, Cupiditas consists of an alabaster cube turned on one corner, its uppermost point piercing a glass table surface to highlight the geometry of the piece. The lights shift from blue to violet to green to gold, representing various emotional states.

Cupiditas Table 3

Cupiditas Table 4

In fact, it’ll glow virtually any color you like. The accompanying app enables you to tap on a color wheel to customize the LED lights to exactly the shade you prefer. You can also control the light intensity and transitions between colors.

Cupiditas Table 5

Made to order with the client’s name engraved on a gold badge, the Cupiditas is definitely a luxury piece, seating six to ten people. Says Amarist, “The effect of the light filtering through the cube of Alabaster makes Cupiditas the most emotional piece of furniture today. A very special table that illuminates the most exclusive and singular spaces.”