clever modern ring design

Though finely hand-crafted and composed of titanium and steel, this radical wedding-band ring follows nearly an opposite to that of traditional jewelry-making: it is designed to conceal its treasure rather than sporting the jeweled heart of the design.

creative minimalist ring design

Working for months to make something for his wife that would honor her wish for a plain band but go beyond a simple solid-metal design, John Welden toiled to craft this amazing object using cutting tools “nearly the diameter of a human hair” and stayed remarkably within the dimensions of conventional rings. “After all the hours designing, machining, and assembling under the microscope, it was a real rush to test it out for the first time and have it work as planned.”

creative modern wedding band

At first glance, the ring is indeed fine and elegant but simple and modest. Some slight of hand later, however, and a diamond comes into view as two trap doors part to expose a hidden interior compartment. Asked his inspiration and motivation, John writes: “I love projects where there is some doubt as to whether its going to work before it is done. ” His next mission involves eye glass frames that no doubt will have a similarly fantastic twist to their design.