boeing desk 1

Sharp and sleek, the glossy white surface of this futuristic desk design is crafted from a reclaimed Boeing airplane wing. French design firm Les Ateliers FLOWN created the Cantilevers desk using a section of wing from a full-scale 737-800 aircraft, measuring about thirteen feet across.

boeing desk 2

The designers envision it as bridging the space between land and air, bringing what is normally seen high in the sky to ground level. Taken out of context, this airplane wing tip looks far more organic and birdlike while maintaining a minimalist look. The overall effect is reminiscent of the bird-inspired architecture of Santiago Calatrava.

Weighted with a block of sea pearl granite, the desk gets a bit of gravity. It’ll be offered up at the next aeronautics auction organized by ARTCURIAL on March 2nd, 2015.