There have been all sorts of ingenious hiding spaces suggested for those who need to keep their stash of cash or other valuables hidden away. It seems the only people more creative than those inventing new hiding spaces are those busy finding them. This project, however, is likely to fool even the most diligent thief.

The top edge of most interior doors is a somewhat mysterious place. How often do you actually look at the tops of your doors? If you are like most people, it isn’t very often. Makezine contributor Sean Michael Ragan exploits that unfamiliarity in his brilliant Doortop Stash project. All you need to make your own “stash” is a cigar tube, some common household tools and a moderate amount of skill to pull it off.

Making a Doortop Stash basically involves constructing a small and simple “safe” out of a cigar tube. No fancy locking mechanisms here – just a washer that will allow the tube to be pulled up via magnet when you need to retrieve it.

Drilling a hole in the top of your door may seem like an odd way to keep your cash secure, but once you drop that tube full of money into that cavity in the top of your door, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever go looking there for it. Well, anyone who doesn’t read Dornob, that is.