Sometimes all you want is some peace, quiet and perhaps some sleep … while at other times you would welcome some openness, sound and daylight. The best bedroom designs strike a balance between functional extremes, able to be closed off completely as needed. This one combines a lofted sleeping area with an awesome reading room for max coziness.

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Lofted HIdeaway with Reading Room

Working within a simple palette of wood and white, alma-nac created this small lofted bedroom space for a client who works in publishing. The space was thus crafted to be not just a bedroom but a private chill zone for reading as well, complete with built-in shelving and easy ways to seal oneself in with a good book.

Lofted hideaway details

The main point of connection with the lower-level floor plan is a horizontal interior slot window over which a folding wooden divider can be slid. Locked in this privacy-enabling position, it looks almost like a decorative touch (rather than a spatial separator) that matches the hardwood floors and wood stairs below.

Lofted hideaway bedroom area

Instead of a space-displacing bedroom door, a pair of panels (sandwiching a bookshelf) slides over the opening to the room. In the process, this movement reveals clothing storage space while concealing a stack of books .

Lofted hideaway reading room diagram

More from the designers

“The brief was for adapting the mezzanine for use as a second bedroom, but with the option of returning it to a study and working space for the Publisher client. Folding timber shutters provide separation from the main living space, whilst maintaining the option for an open, bright communal space when not in use.”

“With space being tight, the flanking wall was built as a solid storage volume, doubling the sliding entrance to the bedroom with the closing mechanism for the hanging storage. Where punctured for an entrance, opening or bookshelf, the timber interior of the monolithic wall is exposed. Collaborating closely with an experienced cabinet maker, the controlled details of the folding shutters and storage wall lend the entire intervention the characteristic of an over scaled piece of furniture.”