Are you the “ONE”? The single who perhaps just graduated and is ready to start a career but cannot afford an urban apartment? Then you might need a temporary, portable house that can be built in just one day.


In response to Amsterdam’s tough renter market (a scarcity of tiny apartments with exorbitant rates), Dutch firm Moodworks Architecture created the Heijmans ONE project to offer a solution to singles looking for affordable and sustainable temporary housing. Heijmans ONE’s target group are single household, well-educated, 25-to-35-year-old professionals. Amsterdam is not alone in its dire rental situation. Most European cities have an extreme shortage of affordable apartments for rent.



The homes were designed to give off a positive aura via lots of light and a sense of space, high ceilings and even a view. They can sit on privately or city owned vacant lots that would otherwise be a bit of an eyesore in the urban environment due to their derelict states. Aside from offering young renters a housing solution, they upgrade the city: The new homes could aid in “attracting new cash flows, […] social and community binding” as well as addressing safety issues. Of course, they can be transported via truck and placed virtually anywhere.


The energy-efficient, narrow prefabs measure 484 square feet, and come complete with large living room, kitchen, bathroom, separate bedroom and little patio. Their structure is solid wood with solar panels creating their own energy. Cost is 700 euros (circa $760) a month.


More at heijmans.nl.