Something as simple as the flu can still kill, and washing one’s hands regularly only goes so far. Ultraviolet light can help, but how to make it count is the question. The answer: turn something everyone touches into a place to stop rather than spread common contact-driven communicable diseases.

So how does it work? Basically, the UV light is in an always-on condition when the handle is in its default position and a building is in use (i.e. its primary power supply is on). When the handle is pushed, the light clicks off, reactivating when it is released and once again forms a complete circuit.

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As an added bonus, this means that all handles can emit a slight glow – perfect for emergency lighting or dark hallways to help someone find a door when they need to (as well as a double-check that the light is still working as it should). Award-winning design by Choi Bomi (for red dot).