Headphones rarely make headlines, but Scott Campbell and Master & Dynamic’s newest creation is quickly proving to be an exception to that rule. The celebrated bi-coastal tattoo and fine artist and opulent NYC-based audio brand have partnered up to create MW60 Wireless and MH40 Over-Ear headphones, both of which use black metal and lustrous black or white leather to spotlight Campbell’s quintessential winding snake (a prominent figure in his work). Cool and intriguing for sure — but there’s still more to marvel at.

Ear It Today, Read It Tomorrow

A self-proclaimed romantic, Campbell has taken the time to discreetly inscribe his signature saying, “The smartest things I ever did were stupid things for love,” on the inside of each individual ear pad in the headset collection. When juxtaposed with the image of a writhing snake, this heartfelt maxim assumes a new level of depth and intrigue. Of course, Campbell and Master & Dynamic’s founder and CEO Jonathan Levine interpret the phrase differently.

The Global Analysis

Levine, whose company has collaborated with many artists including Proenza Schouler, The Rolling Stones, and Leica Camera AG, was instantly drawn to the saying, which he quickly construed as a tribute to unbridled enthusiasm and the willingness to take risks and transform dreams into realities. “I have always thought Scott’s work was quite genius,” Levine told the press. “When I met Scott in Hong Kong, I learned we shared a willingness to take risks in pursuit of our dreams, even if it means sometimes making mistakes. Through this collaboration, Scott can share his art more broadly with his fans, whether or not they are collectors of his fine art or tattoo enthusiasts.”

The Romantic Reading

Campbell understands Levine’s take on the phrase, but he has a more romantic interpretation of the words. “I love love, and I believe in making love the utmost priority, and absolutely the smartest things I’ve ever done in my life were stupid things for love,” he explains. “Any time I have told the rational side of me to take the backseat and handed the steering wheel to my instincts and passions, they’ve always steered me in the right direction.”

When he’s not wrapped up in romance, Campbell lives in L.A. and runs Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Louisiana native is also renowned for his contributions to the world of fine art, including elaborately carved sculptures made of U.S. currency, graphite drawings. and a series of watercolor paintings made during a six-week stint in a Mexico City prison. Campbell’s list of patrons is made up of influential art and design leaders, fashion designers, and a staggering number of celebrities.

Conscientious Collaboration

Partnering with artists to promote products is always a carefully thought-out process for Levine. He told Forbes magazine: “Our collaborations are all based on common passions and like-mindedness. Our criteria for collaborating is quite simple: 1. Can we create something truly special, meaning that the collaborative outcome has to go far beyond slapping one logo on another’s product. The outcome needs to show the joint effort and reflect what each collaborator is known for in their own craft. 2. Can we have fun, meaning can we push each other, challenge each other to create something unexpected whether it be the product, content related to the collaboration, or both. With each collaboration, we learn and we grow as a company and brand.”