softened hardwood chair
There are soft, plush chairs with full, lush cushions. Then there are hard, painful ones with nothing between you and the wood you sit on and against. This chair idea may contain the best of both worlds: hard wood rendered soft to sit on via a hidden system that allows flexibility for a traditionally inflexible material.
soft and hard wood
Pepe Heykoop decided not to stand for this conventional dichotomy between comfy and cramped seating designs, opting instead to include a secret layer of foam beneath divided (and thus movable) individual wooden pieces that make up the seat itself.
soft hard wood chair idea

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There are built-in hints to what this clever craftsman has hidden inside, thin horizontal lines in which the foam is visible between layers of wood from the front, entirely exposed black foam from the back and an intentionally skinny frame which suggests from the outset that this particular chair may be lighter than it seems.