Feeling depressed? Try a sugar pill! No, not the placebo kind – the real deal street drug of choice for children and sweet-toothed adults alike. Forget natural vitamins or herbal remedies: head straight for the colorful ‘drug’ shelf at the local shop when you are feeling down, take two (or three or four) and skip calling the doctor in the morning.

Yes, Happy Pills is now not only a popular song (with depressing lyrics), an addictive web game and a common phrasing for anti-depressant drugs, it is also now a brilliantly-branded candy store (and associated product series) designed by Studio M in Spain to treat the more mild forms of day-to-day depression in casual shoppers.

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From the products to the packaging, everything is themed around prescription medication – pill-shaped sweets, boxes, containers and entire to-go cartons for the most serious of cases. Warning: happy pills do not solve all sorts of problems, and may be counter-indicated if you have certain conditions or simple do not like sweet stuff. Be careful if you nom while you drive. That said, buy, eat and enjoy!