hanging floating loft bed design

Sure it sounds hard to hang a piece of furniture but think of all the other benefits: saving space, preserving your floors and carrying less furniture pieces up the stairs in the first place. From beds and tables to chairs and bookshelves, Bertein Architecture has created an engaging set of tension-based suspended, hanging and floating furniture designs – ideal minimalist living and bedroom design accessories.

hanging suspended wire beds

The loft bed may be the best (if most simple and minimal) of their design explorations – four wires hung from the ceiling above are balanced by four wires from below that float the bed in place. Of course, you have to be careful not to trip on wire rope as you navigate the space – and adding a canopy might be a bit tricky.

hanging wire furniture designs

The chair is rich and complex, using a series of supports from above and below that turn a series of semi-abstract lines and planes into a tightly-held suspended seat. The table and shelves use a combination of solid steel side supports and crisscrossing wires to hold glass surfaces in midair from all necessary directions.