hanging wall furniture
Inspired by mountains – and perhaps the hanging lodgings of mountain climbing campers – this modular wall couch-and-bed idea is designed to be a flexible, modular and custom seating solution that allows users to create and construct their own conceptual interior ‘landscapes’ for sitting on or laying down in.
hanging wall sofa bed
Wall-suspended polygons are at the structural core of this sofa design by Nicole Losos, layered with cloth to provide essential support and with added pillows and cushions to create comfortable zones and areas. Impromptu storage areas and shelving units also emerge in the eccentric intersections of this example.
hanging wall storage furniture

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The additive nature of the idea is perhaps the most engaging: it invites people to interact with and expand this strange suspended wall furniture over time, installing lamps, audio equipment and other amenities over time – a kind of living, growing and evolving interior design object.