Teamwork makes the dream work — especially when it comes to stylish collaborations between forward-thinking trendsetters in the design world. This latest collab from dynamic duo Martha von Guenther and Solveig Søndergaard of Sheworks Atelier is living proof. Dubbed the FLOW Collection, the new series of textile wall art aims to “[bring] together flowing design techniques from haute couture and upcycled textiles from the design industry to make something new,” according to Design Milk.

Lofty ambitions indeed — and the collab definitely does not disappoint. With their 3D honeycombed splendor, these pieces catch the eye and play tricks on the mind. FLOW also has a distinctively vintage appeal to it — think 70s macrame wall hangings with a touch of modern flair. The result is a set of functionally fabulous pieces that make for some of the most dazzling art/decor mashups we’ve seen this year.

Handmade in Denmark using 100-percent upcycled cotton, the pieces’ intricate designs deceptively mask their durability and overall simplicity. They represent “an honest attempt to create zero-waste design that takes into account the environment, aesthetics, and function,” according to Søndergaard and von Guenther. They change their shape and dimension based on the viewer’s perception. A winning combo of technique, style, and sustainability, the FLOW Collection is both earthy and sophisticated, elevated and approachable.

With an eye toward creating tangible yet ephemeral decor that’s as sustainable as it is stylish, the FLOW Collection from applicata and Sheworks Atelier’s Martha von Guenther and Solveig Søndergaard is a playfully sophisticated duo of upcycled perfection and ambitious 3D elements. Haute honeycombed shapes pair with earthy, warm hues that are a veritable Magic Eye of design — the more you look, the more you see.

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