Tree house meets bird house, with a dash of hammock thrown into the mix. While it is not large enough to house the amenities of a true tree home, it is certainly a step up from a simple outdoor couch or recliner – and can be hung at a variety of heights.

The resemblance goes more than skin deep, with a woven wood-like structure that parallels the way in which nests are built in nature. ?The result is a semi-enclosed, seclusion-granting space to relax that nonetheless breathes (though, to do so, sacrifices potential rain protection).

Almost as neat as the organic design by Dedon itself are the suggested implementations. Some are a bit fanciful, but others seem realistic assuming you have access to a large and sturdy tree. Not that you necessarily have to hang it, but it clearly is much more successful as a suspended?structure.

Finally, the main frames come in a few colors including white and a more natural-looking brown, while the cushions are available in a variety of patterns, textures and materials including acrylic, leather and polyester … how these will weather the outdoors, though, is another question.