Minimalism has taken over our modernity and found its way into our homes through it’s encouraging, lifestyle-enhancing motives. If you haven’t yet seen what all the hype is about, then allow me to brief you. In it’s most basic essence, minimalism is about learning to live without excess or much ornamentation, housing as few items as absolutely necessary and avoiding mass consumerism. In other words, if you are a minimalist, you only surround yourself with things that serve a purpose to your everyday life.
This is where Russian homeware brand, FUGA makes it’s grand appearance. Creating artisan designs made from natural materials, FUGA wants to play its part in introducing significance into your home.

Why Minimalism?

Most people who describe themselves as minimalists live with only the basic essentials; however, you don’t have to chuck out your futons and footstools in order to feel like you are living in a space of reasonable justification. It’s more about ensuring that whatever you place in your home has a significant meaning and role to play, thus avoiding clutter. Sure, we’re all fully aware that your fridge is quite an important appliance, and you definitely need that sink with all it’s taps and trimmings. But the point to focus on here is the idea that if an inanimate object brings you pleasure or happiness (such as a photograph or an ornament) then they serve just as much purpose as the hob you’re cooking your meals on.
Minimalism is about happiness. It is about de-stressing your home by only having objects that serve functionally or appeal emotionally to you. It’s the notion that every thing you use should have a personal meaning, or story, to create atonement in your humble abode. It may sound far fetched, but this movement is sweeping the world and has helped to motivate hoarders to cast their collections aside and begin again with a healthy, blank canvas.


In an era where sustainable living and edgy aesthetics are over taking the need to showcase wealth, brands like FUGA are providing those with a conscience for the environment as well as style with products that are made raw and uniquely beautiful. Founded in 2015 by designer Yana Osmanova, FUGA’s objective is to allow you the freedom of filling your living space with household items that represent not only your morals, but the rich Russian culture that is so very often disregarded in the media.

The Products

Producing custom projects, FUGA design and create home decor and tableware from oak wood. Carved bowls, place mats, chopping boards, serving plateaus, and plates adorn their website and boast an array of shades available for each design. Every individual piece from their collections has its own distinctive features due to wood’s natural forms, cracks, textures, and tones, which are carefully left intact by using traditional technology during the manufacturing.

FUGA’s stunning handcrafted wooden tableware can only be handwashed, however, but the inconvenience is only minor. After washing it is recommended that you wipe it down using a non-abrasive towel in order to reduce prolong exposure to liquids which could eventually damage the pieces. You can also refresh the surface by rubbing over it with a cloth dampened in linseed oil. This also protects it against mold and makes it water-repellent.


FUGA have successfully collaborated with big name hotels and restaurants all across Russia, including Beer & Brut, the Moscow Four Seasons Hotel, NB Studio and restaurant, LavkaLavka, Dreamers, and more. Notably, FUGA created a series of dishes for each of Vladimir Perelman’s restaurants, which included a specifically designed two-sided square serving board and round boards for serving pizza, all emblazoned with the customer logo.

If you’re on the hunt for household objects that encompass naturalism, beauty, AND function—especially for your minimalist living space—then look no further than FUGA, inspired by the history of Russia and with the passionate intent to bring art into our every day lives. Their products bring elements of nature into your home whilst providing necessary hygiene and function for one of the most important parts of your day—your meal time!