Handmade lamps and vases made of glass bottles recycled

Having stumbled upon a series of glass jars and jugs behind their design studio, these creatives took the liberty of using all pieces of their found fortune to craft a series of handmade lamps and vessels.

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Handmade lamps and vases made of glass bottles

Degross Design & Innovation sliced the old bottles and used the tops to hanging simple light-bulbs under their opaque shade, suspended by a single black cord and hooked up to a ribbed gold-colored socket that responds to the ribbing of each bottleneck.

Handmade lamps and vases made of glass bottles pendant

The bottom halves can come in handy as vases and other vessels, too, holding flowers or tabletop objects. It’s a great way to upcycle glass bottles that would otherwise be heading to a facility or into the trash. The designers’ work was featured at this year’s London Design Festival.

Handmade lamps and vases made of glass bottles wine

“‘UTREM LUX’ is a series of up cycled lamps made from reused glass bottles that had been discarded behind our studio and, wood off cuts kindly given to us by our next-door neighbors,” says Degross. “Each one of the designs is made individually, by hand, and has its own unique aesthetics. Once the demand for our lamps increased, we started working with Waste management companies to source our bottles. All bottles are cut by hand by us and all the wood parts are machined in our studio. With this range we are giving the bottles a second life cycle instead of just being thrown away.”

Handmade lamps and vases made of glass bottles desk

About the creators

“Degross Design & Innovation is a concept and product Development studio based in West London. The studio was formed in 2011 and since, it has been engaging with a variety of exciting projects. At Degross D&I we are specialized in the product development of outdoor equipment to hand held devices, bespoke communication devices related to the RF and cyber security industry. Our service include concept design and prototyping and also design for manufacture. We provide detailed final specifications for production and assist with implementation.”