Simple like honey and sweet like a lump of sugar in your favorite afternoon tea, these two designs play off a recognizable and relatively-universal tea bag typology in new and unique and (somewhat) useful ways.

First, an elemental pendant lamp for sale from Das Rote Paket (The Red Package, translated) is designed as an upside-down tea mug. It is titled ‘tea lamp’ naturally, comes in conventional off-white ceramic and best of all: the on-and-off pull string is rounded out with the same flap we recognize as one end of a tea bag. These would make a great and not-too-expensive dining room set – and easier to store out of the way than normal tableware.

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This second design from Bailey Doesn’t Bark is even more minimalist – an outline traced onto the outside and into the inside of another otherwise-generic cup. Its single accessory is a small tea-cup-carrying plate which has a similar traced sketch of a teaspoon. For those of us that prefer simple, black and white over unnecessary complexity this has the convenient look and feel of something you sketched out yourself.