Gucci just celebrated its centenary last year, marking 100 years of history, glamor, and bold creative choices that have not only graced runways and the pages of Vogue, but earned themselves a place in the collective consciousness. After all, fashion houses are kind of a precursor to today’s social media influencers, and they still hold a great deal of sway over what may (or may not) be the next big thing in the pop culture bubble.

Now, Gucci’s former HQ at the historic and high-end Grafton Street in Mayfair, London has come on the market for a whopping $66 million. The last private residence remaining on the prestigious street, the mansion is currently owned by a trust and has undergone extensive renovations since the brand vacated in 2010. But the property itself remains as gorgeous as ever, and much of the 14,000 square-foot home’s most modern touches remain much as they were during Gucci’s tenure.

There’s plenty of history in this former headquarters. Its recent refurbishing by Donald Insall Associates, though extensive, left much of the building’s original features untouched, including gold plaster work by Joseph Rose, cabinetry by John Mayhew, Georgian fireplaces, and 20-foot tall ceilings, all Victorian-era details that were part of the original home designed by Sir Robert Taylor in the 1770s.

These luxe touches certainly speak to the property’s illustrious past, not only as an HQ for Gucci from 2000 through 2010, but also as a house (literally) fit for royalty. During Gucci’s residence. Creative Director Tom Ford’s workspace was located in the first floor drawing room, a luxe and palatial space once used to entertain none other than Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

However, the spacious property also has plenty of modern touches, including a sauna, swimming pool, and plunge pool; a movie theater; a convenient elevator; a fully-equipped kitchen; and a stringent automated security system.

During Gucci’s residence, the top floor was reserved for the office of former CEO Domenico De Sole. Today, the top two floors consist of four VIP bedrooms, including a well-appointed main suite/lounge area complete with a private study, bathroom, and kitchenette. Elsewhere on this floor, a private wing houses additional guest bedrooms packed with their own top-notch perks. The mid-level floors—once home to Gucci personnel — contain an additional five bedrooms and bathrooms now reserved for the residence’s current live-in staff.

The ground and first floor — once the home’s hub for entertaining royalty and distinguished guests — remain as a series of sumptuous reception and drawing rooms, in addition to a lavish dining room, many of which were previously used as Gucci meeting areas and boardrooms.

Beauchamp Estates’ founding director Gary Hersham says the palatial property is the perfect home for anyone looking to live “like Gucci.” One look inside the magnificent mansion is enough to see that the iconic Italian fashion house certainly knew how to live and work in style.