Living Facade of Plants on a Home in Portugal

This stunning home in Lisbon, Portugal is a living, growing example of the beauty of biodiversity. The home, designed by architects Luis Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal, features a living facade of 25 different plant species spread all over its facade.

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Living Facade of Plants on a Home in Portugal close up
Living Facade of Plants on a Home in Portugal side

The home is situated in the middle of the city, providing a lovely green retreat in an urban environment. The many rich shades of green are an unexpected bit of nature in an otherwise very built-up modern setting. Does it brighten up the area or what?

Living Facade of Plants on a Home in Portugal stairs

Each part of the home has its own unique scent and flavor: the exterior walls around the bedrooms are surrounded with fragrant lavender, the living room has the sensuous scent of rosemary, and the rooftop swimming pool features the flavor and aroma of saffron.

Living Facade of Plants on a Home with rooftop pool

The rooftop pool runs the length of the terrace, giving the residents a remote and relaxing place to exercise. A single staircase runs the height of the house, connecting the music room on the ground floor, bedrooms on the second floor, living and dining rooms on the third floor, and private rooftop terrace.

More from the architects

“From a small lot with its unique implantation, this project has raised early on a couple of challenges… and along with them, ideas emerged.
The box housing deviates from the gable to create a vertical yard (glass box), with a straight ladder connecting all floors, an allusion to the famous stairs of Alfama, running between the all 4 floors walls and linking the various dimensions.”

Living Facade of Plants on a Home in Portugal yoga

“This courtyard is the heart of the house, bringing light to the interior, enhancing the main entrance and creating a real exterior/interior relationship. In terms of material, we chose to polish the rectangular form and give the block the face of a tree, making it one more element of the square, which resulted together with the existing tree and water fountain, in a triad.”

“The program was set up almost automatically, the technical services and garage with direct access from the street, the first floor holding the private area of the house. The second floor is the social area, with a direct connection to the coverage, extending social into outdoors, being the view related to the social side and the private area to both square and Embassy, the setting of a typical Lisbon experience, which is a truly intimate relationship between quarters.”