There is nothing like fresh, green, growing plants to brighten up the interior of any home. This gorgeous table designed by Brooklyn designer Emily Wettstein would help incorporate lovely live plants into your everyday life.

The table is made of reclaimed walnut wood and steel, featuring a deep channel all the way down the center.

A protective plastic trough runs the length of the channel, allowing for soil to be held below the surface level of the table.

Owners can plant whatever they like in the table’s groove. Imagine an entire herb garden at your fingertips, ready to be plucked from the stem and sprinkled onto your plate.

Cat owners can satisfy their cats’ need to gnaw on green things by planting grass in the table planter. Even flowers would look amazing nestled between the halves of the beautiful wood surface.

Even without the splash of green in the center, Wettstein’s table design is truly lovely. But the addition of plants to the dining surface – and the alien-looking roots visible in the clear plastic below – brings a certain comfortable element of nature to the dining room.